Decoding the World of Salaar!


Salaar is an out and out action entertainer and should be seen a masala movie, without giving much thought to the script. The movie keeps on asking the same question over and over again, and the loud music only adds value to the elevation not the script. Lets decode the world of Salaar with a pinch of salt.

Deva, played by Prabhas is a dynamite waiting to explode. He just keeps on controlling his anger till he can’t. He loves to thrash people around and look cool while doing it. But, his mother doesn’t like it, unless its absolutely necessary.

Villains and Cops

Seriously, why does Prashanth Neel, has cops in his films? Every other cop whether they are working in CBI, Police, or Port security, everyone is shit scared of the central character. Are there no, Singhams around the these places! The cops simply elevate the hero or the villain by getting scared the moment they hear a name or see a picture. Its has something so routine now, that it doesn’t bother the audience.

On the other hand, we have these small villains in Salaar, who are just irritating at the best. They have no life goal, no depth in the character. They approach a hero casually, who has just killed 150 people single handedly. No surprise moves, nothing out of the place.

The serious income gap in Khansaar

Khansaar looks like a city country that has topography like Turkey, London and Brazil combined. The establishing shots show us a bridge like London bridge, buildings like in Europe, neighborhoods like in Istanbul, but all the shots that are shot in the city shows slums. People living in poverty. Seriously where are all the rich people? Who lives in those big house? who walks on those picturesque neighbourhoods? And why are there riots everywhere?

Khansaar has no police. It has some personal security at the gates but inside, it is Mad Max. There is no consistency between the place and the people. The tribes shown in the movie has some kind of mythology attached to them, which has not been explored at all.

No Greenery in Khansaar

There are no trees in any of the shots in Khansaar. Everyone is just drinking tea or liquor or smoking. The places look so gray and unlivable that it almost feels like a post-apocalyptic world. There are absolutely no backing to the story on why any one would want to live there?

Is Khansaar a low budget Wakanda?

Khansaar is shown to be invisible from the World map. Its neither a part of India or Pakistan. It simply is a city in the middle of nowhere. Khansaar shares its borders with Gujarat, Rajasthan and Pakistan, for which Khansaar is the hot bed of Weapons supply in the region. All the illegal weapons can be bought through Khansaar. Yet, no one thinks its necessary to give any context to the political significance of the city.

It exists like Wakanda but everyone is afraid of their seal and no one wants to pick a fight with them.

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The Roman Council with limited voting powers

The complex voting mechanism shown in Khansaar, is beyond understanding. Its quite clear that Khansaar does not have democracy. No citizens have voting right. Only the Manaars have voting rights and they decide who lives and who dies. The timeline of the film is in 2017. Which doesn’t make any sense for such a city.

The weird all women community

There is a community in salaar that doesn’t have any men. There are only women and small girls. They wear red clothes and have tribal tattoss all over their faces, and they worship a Goddess, similar to Maa Kali. These women, have a very peculiar lifestyle. Everyday, the leader (Ghaniyar) of the area comes with his followers and he flies a kite and later cuts the kite. Wherever the kite lands, a young virgin from that house has to go with the leader. After torturing the women, the leader kills them. They sing prayers everyday, waiting for a savior.

If they have no men around, what is their social structure like and if they have no need for men, then why don’t they have any warrior women protecting their neighborhoods?

Quick Tattoo Making Skills

During the climax fight, where people are literally waiting to be slaughtered like sheep, Prabhas goes for a quick tattoo on his hands. An old woman, who happened to be sitting comfortably next to the jail execution area, shares her smoke with Prabhas and just starts tattooing her vision. The tattoo later becomes the seal of fear all over the continent. Customs department officers are so afraid of the seal that, they let go of three trucks full of cocaine in fear.


At the end of the movie, there is a fight scene that made no sense at all. There were zombies or just hungry cannibals. They were running fast and were ready to eat fellow humans. It doesn’t make sense to have cannibals running in an army. They are just there because they are hungry, why would they fight a person as big as Prabhas to secure a meal? They can simply go for a smaller prey.

The Shruti Hassan

Salaar is the most forgettable role of Shruti Hassan. As soon as you come out of the theatre, you wouldn’t remember that she was there in the film. Her role has no significance at all. She just keeps getting kidnapped and rescued.

She is a highly educated English Speaking NRI, who just showed up in India and before her plane lands, all the high tech spy agencies run by goons from Khansaar hatch a plan to kidnap her. She gets rescued by someone who gets her to Assam where she can stay safe under Prabhas’s wings. But, little did she know, everyone is actually looking for Prabhas.

The Mythology of Bear tribe, Hawk Tribe, and the Bull Tribe

The myth showed in the film of three big tribes who built Khansaar, fought muslim invaders, fought British and later had the audacity to remove Khansaar from the world map. Apart from just fighting each other, they have no other social structure in place. Its impossible to hold a city that has that kind of infrastructure without any social structure.

The Mannarsi Tribe is the Bull, The Ghaniyars are Hawk and the Shouryaanga are the Bear Tribe. As per the rules written a long time ago, every tribe must pass on the power to the next tribe after 40 years of ruling. Mannarsi tribe leader killed all the Shouryaanga tribe to keep the power with him. The Ghaniyars also helped Mannars. So we have a classic tale of a prince who would restore Shouryaanga rule but in the process he will have to kill everyone he loves.

When the horny Ghaniyar leader gets killed by Prabhas, he is given a royal goodbye, Almost like romans did. A mask made of gold was placed over his face before lighting the pyre. Didn’t make sense but Neel is great.

The Fighters and protectors of Khansaar

The movie has moments where we can see many fighter groups have comes to Khansaar at the cost. Ukraine Army Rebels, Serbian Rebels, and African fighter gather up to fight for their clients. These fighters got no fighting scenes, they just sat on their tanks holding their big guns to shoot a montage. The same montage is used in the film twice or thrice to just show that there is an army. But, the army doesn’t do anything apart from posing.

Then there are some masked guards who just stands around with heavy guns while Prabhas beheads a council member.

Plot for Part II

While the Movie is a loud extravaganza with fast moving action scenes featuring Prabhas in Slow motion, the script lacks depth for any character including Prabhas’s. Its quite evident that Prabhas, helped his friend gain control of Khansaar but he didn’t count the chips his friend (Vardharaaj mannar) has played. So, now there is a cat and mouse chase between the friends turned foes which will be explored in the illogical world of Salaar Part II.

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