Unveiling Nostradamus’ and Baba Vanga’s Forecasts for 2024: Predictions on Looming Conflict and Climate Catastrophes

Nostradomus Baba Vanga Predictions

A New Year is incomplete, without a bunch of predictions from astrologers and mystics.


So, let’s look into the forecast made by the world-famous astrologer Michel de Nostredame, best known for predicting the rise of Hitler and the French Revolution. Nostradamus, the 16th-century French astrologer, is believed to have made predictions for the future, including the year 2024. Referring to his 1555 work “Les Propheties” (“The Prophecies”), he has put forth the following predictions for the year 2024:

King Harry Rise to Power?

Nostradamus, in his writings, foresaw the “King of the Isles” being forcefully ousted. Following a catastrophic war, a prophecy suggests, “a new King shall be anointed / Who, for a long time, will appease the earth.”

The term ‘King of Isles’ might refer to King Charles III, who could potentially abdicate in favor of Prince Harry. This, Reading suggests, could be influenced by the unrelenting personal attacks against both King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

A Naval Battle

Nostradamus had predicted a “naval battle” and said that a “red adversary will become pale with fear, putting the great Ocean in dread.” 

Here the term “red adversary” Nostradamus could be referring to China and the nation’s red flag. It went on to claim that the “naval battle” could be hinting at China’s tensions with the island of Taiwan. 

A New Pope!

According to the forecasts of the French astrologer, a succession to Pope Francis might be on the horizon. Nostradamus penned, “Through the death of a very old Pontiff, A Roman of good age will be elected. Of him, it will be said that he weakens his see, but long will he sit and in biting activity.”

Bigger Climate Catastrophe

The astrologer warned that climatic changes will continue to wreak havoc on us. One passage stated, “The dry earth will grow more parched, and there will be great floods when it is seen.” This may indicate rising global temperature and heat waves due to greenhouse effect.

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Baba Vanga Predictions for 2024

Renowned for her purportedly accurate predictions, including foreseeing the 2001 jihadist attacks in the United States, Baba Vanga remains a point of reference, despite passing away almost three decades ago. Often referred to as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans,” she was born in what is now Bulgaria in 1911.

Her pronouncements were frequently ambiguous and subject to diverse interpretations, contributing to a range of understandings regarding her prophecies. Some of her predictions for 2024 are:

Powerful Tsunami

As per Baba Vanga, the alleged predictor of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, she foresaw another even more formidable tsunami hitting the Asian continent two decades later. True to her prediction, Japan is grappling with a 7.6-magnitude earthquake that is anticipated to generate a tsunami.

Assassination of Vladimir Putin and bio-weapon attacks

She predicted the death of a Russian leader by the hand of a “fellow countryman”, with his killing plunging the world into greater uncertainty.

She also warned of terror attacks across Europe, while an unnamed “big country” will carry out biological weapons attacks in 2024, according to some interpretations of her so-called predictions.

Great Earthquake

The seer also saw that a devastating earthquake of great proportions would take place in the United States, of such magnitude that “it will change the course of the waters of the Mississippi River” and will leave many lives lost, in addition to great material damage.

Medical Breakthrough

Since not everything was going to be bad news amongst the predictions, there is also a great medical advance that would allow the cure of important diseases that until now had no solution, such as AIDS or cancer. Findings that would be a consequence of many years of joint work and research by academic scientists.

Oil Losing It’s prominence

Another prediction that appears to be on the verge of realization, or at least is being actively addressed globally, pertains to the eventual depletion of oil. According to the psychic, this year is foreseen as the period marking the decline of what is commonly referred to as “black gold.”

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